Our company has a lot of understanding in the staffing sector since a part of our founding team has prior experience in the same industry. Equipped with the former knowledge and our talented employees, we will be able to cater to any of your staffing requirements- be it permanent, contract to hire, or short term contracts. 

We provide exceptionally talented employees to clients who are in the market for filling up a role in their team and are looking towards growing their company by hiring reliable and promising employees. For a candidate to be considered by the clients, they will first have to successfully go through the complicated screening test to ensure our clients are getting the best fit for the role. 

In contract to hire projects, we assign our employees to clients on a short-term contract basis during which their team evaluates the employee's performance and see if they suit well with the existing team. This type of hiring reduces the risks of hiring new talents not being able to adapt to their workspace. During the evaluation, if the employee is deemed worthy to take into the company as a full-time employee, their contract is upgraded to the permanent post. To make this the case for all our employees, we make them go through various workspace scenarios and train them to effectively overcome any problem they might face.

TechLogic aims to provide the best in class solutions to our clients no matter what their requirement is. While a company requires employees of its own, in some cases it is imperative to collaborate with other companies to meet their targets and achieve their goals. In cases like these, we join forces and provide them with our employees on a contract or project basis. During this, the employees stand by their protocol and fulfill their responsibilities of the project and see it to its completion effectively.