TechLogic Solutions LLC is a US based company with an explicit goal to cater Software Development, Software Services, and Staffing Solutions to our clients. Our work ethics and efficiency have helped us in being eminent in what we do. With client satisfaction being the forefront of our values, we prioritize delivering the perfect tools and services required to make your corporation work in a seamless and effortless environment. TechLogic delivers the perfect employee to meet your staffing requirement to help boost the productivity and efficiency at the workplace which mutually benefits both the parties since the employee also acquires a well-established career path to reach their goal with ease.

We at TechLogic make use of new technological advances to supply quick and convenient solutions to all your IT needs. Not only do the solutions work well with the client’s already established process cycles, it also brings additional flexibility, making the whole system more efficient at ironing out any inconsistencies. By effectively integrating aptly skilled people into the client’s workspace, we ensure that the collaboration will result in providing an indisputably competent solution.

We deliver our end-to-end onshore and offshore products and services to numerous clients all over the world. These services can also be customized to meet the demands of large Corporations, medium Organizations, or Start-ups. As we tailor the services according to an individual client’s demands, a cost-effective price is achieved, bringing satisfaction, and maximizing business value. Relying on verified development models, we bring various other optimized strategies that ultimately help both sides of the deal.

Services and Solutions What We Can Offer for You

Experience excellence in each and every service, solution and support. Our Services can be broadly categorized into Development Services, Managed Services and Consulting Services.