TechLogic offers customized Software programs, staffing solutions, and various other tools regardless of the location of the client and the type of delivery of the service. We strive to meet the necessities of the client, be it in the form of onsite, offsite, or offshore delivery. Even if the delivery method varies, the quality will consistently be outstanding.

Some problems that our clients might have can prove too complicated to figure out which delivery method is best suitable in a go. With our dedicated staffing team, we comprehensively analyze the situation and suggest the best route to take to achieve maximum effectiveness at an economically viable rate.


Onsite delivery method is where we assign a suitable employee that meets the client’s criteria and is deployed to their office directly. This is done in cases where direct consultation with the client and the customer is a necessity and where the goals of the project aren’t completely defined and need the assistance of the employee to direct the project in a path to reach the end goal of the customer. For an employee to carry such a heavy task, their rigorous training  with us for similar scenarios and extensive experience in the industry is what helps them in successfully bringing their project to completion.


Offsite delivery method is used in cases where the project has a clearly defined goal, a path for the employees to follow, and have a set protocol to abide to. In this scenario, our employees work on the client’s project from our company’s office. This is to alleviate the budget available on the project while simultaneously keeping the quality of work at the highest order. The amount of time for communication between the client and the employee isn’t a concern either since the work timings for both the teams will be identical.


Offshore delivery method comes into play when the client’s project is restrained by time, capital, and resources. In this delivery method, our team of employees residing in another country are hired on a short-term contract to work on their product, service, or maintenance of an existing software. The communication between the two teams is possible anytime since our team is available to be contacted 24/7.