Erwin Data Modeler

Job Description:

Job Summary:

The Erwin Data Modeler will be responsible for designing and maintaining logical and physical data models using Erwin. The incumbent’s expertise in star schema design will be crucial in optimizing our data warehouse for efficient querying and reporting. The candidate will collaborate closely with business analysts, data engineers, and other stakeholders to ensure data accuracy, consistency, and performance.

Essential Job Responsibilities (Include but not limited to):

1.       Data Modeling:

Design and create logical and physical data models using Erwin.

Analyze existing data models and recommend improvements.

Develop and maintain data dictionaries and data models.

2.       Star Schema Design:

Implement star schema designs for our data warehouse.

Understand the characteristics of a star schema, including fact tables and dimension tables.

Optimize star schema structures for efficient querying and reporting.

3.       Collaboration:

Work closely with business analysts to understand data requirements.

Collaborate with data engineers to implement data models in our database systems.

Participate in cross-functional teams to align data modeling efforts with business goals.

4.       Documentation:

Document data models, including relationships, attributes, and constraints.

Maintain clear and concise documentation for future reference.

5.       Best Practices:

Stay updated on industry best practices related to data modeling and star schema design.

Ensure compliance with data governance standards.

Qualifications & Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field.

Minimum of 8-10 years of experience as an Erwin Data Modeler.

Proficiency in designing star schemas for data warehouses.

Familiarity with CPG industry data and business processes.

Strong SQL skills for querying and performance tuning.

Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.

Preferred Skills:

Experience with other data modeling tools (e.g., ER/Studio).

Knowledge of Kimball and Inmon Methodologies.

Understanding of 3NF Database Normalization.

Exposure to Databricks and Power BI.

Python Expertise.




Job Category: 100% Remote
Job Type: 12 Months Contract
Job Location: 100% Remore

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